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I write and speak on topics related to agile development, business value, DevOps and cloud. Occasionally I write about rock shows. See my LinkedIn profile for details of my work history or to get connected.



Publisher / Event

Mar 2016 Services over Servers Innovate Virginia 2016
Dec 2015 Hygieia: Making Sense from your DevOps Tools Agile Richmond & DevOps RVA
Oct 2014 DevOps DeMystified Innovate Virginia
Oct 2014 Performance Testing: Balancing Agility and Quality GigaOm Research
Jul 2014 Transforming IT: Building a Business-Driven Infrastructure for the Software Defined Enterprise GigaOm Research
Jul 2014 The Software Defined Enterprise: Where Agile, DevOps and the Cloud Meet Agile Richmond
Jun 2014 Survey: Enterprise Development in the Cloud GigaOm Research
Oct 2013 How dev/test in the Public Cloud is Accelerating Agile Development GigaOm Research
Aug 2013 Measurable Business Value with the O-Model Agile 2013, Nashville
Feb 2013 APM for Agile and DevOps: 7 practical use cases The Virtualization Practice
Jan 2013 Infrastructure as Code: From Bottleneck to Test-Driven The Virtualization Practice
Jan 2013 2013: The year that dev/test goes hybrid (webinar) GigaOm Research
Oct 2012 Java’s Evolution from Enterprise Language to Cloud Platform The Virtualization Practice
Oct 2012 Are we Building the Wrong thing Righter? Innovate Virginia
Oct 2012 Continuous Delivery: develop, deliver and deploy software on demand (webinar) GigaOm Research
Sep 2012 Return on Agility and the Cloud The Virtualization Practice
Aug 2012 Code Management in the Cloud The Virtualization Practice
Jul 2012 IaaS or PaaS: 10 Keys for your Cloud Strategy The Virtualization Practice
Jul 2012 Deploying in the Cloud: Lessons When Clouds Burst The Virtualization Practice
Jul 2012 PaaS is Revolutionizing How Software Is Developed. Are You Ready? (webinar) GigaOm Research
Jun 2012 Continuous Integration in the Cloud The Virtualization Practice
Jun 2012 Agile Cloud Development: The Future of Software The Virtualization Practice
Jun 2012
– Jun 2008
The Agile Engineer: an agile software development blog The Agile

Jun 2011

This Thing called Kanbanwith Robin Dymond Agile Richmond

Mar 2011

Before the Backlog: Interactive Techniques for Tying Stories to Stakeholderswith Hope Norman Agile Richmond

Sep 2010
– Aug 2010

Value over Velocity: From Feature Building to Value Delivery Lean Summit, Antwerp
Agile 2010, Orlando

Sep 2010

Seven Strategies for Technical Debt Gantthead

Aug 2010

Nonfunctional Requirements Agile Stylewith Dean Leffingwell Agile 2010, Orlando

Jul 2010

Four Techniques for Delighting your Customers Gantthead

Jun 2010

Value Delivery in Practice Gilb Seminar, London

Jun 2010

Hyper-Productive Agile (Polish translation) Core Magazine

May 2010

Hyper-Productive Agile (webinar) PMXPO Conference

Apr 2010

Hyper-Productive Agile Gantthead

Mar 2010

Evo + Scrum = Value Delivery Scrum Gathering, Orlando

Feb 2010

Product Qualities Approach, Agile Style Gantthead

Oct 2009

The Art of Finding the Real Release Gantthead

Jul 2009

Bolstering the Backlog Gantthead

Jun 2009

Changing Organizational Culture – One team at a time Gilb Seminar, London

Jun 2009

Measuring Business Value: An Agile Approach Northern Virginia Software Symposium, Reston

Mar 2009

Value Thinking in Lean Times: Put the Hatchet Away Gantthead

Feb 2009

Measurable Value with Agile Overload Magazine

Nov 2008
– Jun 2008

Agile Engineering for Architects Agile Dev Conference, Orlando
Richmond Java User Group
Agile ITX, Reston

Sep 2008
– Jun 2008

Measureable Business Value with Agile Agile Richmond
Agile 2008, Toronto
Agile ITX, Reston

Jun 2008

Agile Engineering for Managers Agile ITX, Reston

Jun 2008

Agile Engineering Gilb Seminar, London

Jun 2007

Making Smart Decisions Gilb Seminar, London

Jan 2007

Review for Jutta Eckstein’s book Agile Software Development in the Large Agile Development Magazine

Jun 2006
– Sep 2005

Scaling Agility: A case study in leveraging Agile practices for larger-scale software product development Research Triangle Software Symposium, Raleigh
Northern Virginia Software Symposium, Reston
Agile Business Conference, London

Nov 2000

Phish show reviews from Europe 1997 summer tour The Phish Companion

Aug 2000

Grateful Dead show reviews from 1994 summer tour at St. Louis The Deadhead’s Taping Compendium: Volume III

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