a pirate looks at forty

This year I’ll turn 40. It’s hard for me to even write that.

I remember my Dad’s 40th birthday, when I was 10. At the time I remember thinking how old 40 must be. Now 30 years come and 30 years go and all of a sudden 40 isn’t so old. At least I’d like to think my kids agree.

As with all new years, I’ve been spending the last few weeks thinking about the year I want to have in 2013. I’m pretty excited as I’ve got a few really cool projects in the works (more on that in future posts).

One of my themes for 2013 is organization. I realized after eight years of writing and speaking around the world, I’d never pulled a list together of my work. I also realized this web site was sorely needing an update so I spent a few hours this weekend digging through my hard drive of all my articles and presentations. I put all of these on a new page simply titled my work.

It’s funny – looking back on this list there’s a lot of stuff there. Putting it together was a trip down memory lane. I recall all the conferences where I presented and most of the articles I wrote. Must be the effects of aging.

I also included some of my earlier writing featuring rock show reviews for the Grateful Dead and Phish. Those were some great times. Touring around the world seeing music and living day by day.

It’s when I think this far back that I realize this pirate is indeed looking at forty. And it’s not so bad.


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