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sayonara the agile engineer

With the demise of iWeb, my trusty web site was losing it’s home and had to move. Sometimes outside events help push you into doing something you’ve been wanting to do for a while and this is one of those cases. In recent years I’ve had little time for the in-depth blog posts I was writing in 2008 – 2010 and honestly it’s felt more like a hassle to write and post entries so it just wasn’t happening for me.

So time for a few changes.

First, I’m starting over with a new web site built on WordPress, which should make it easier to create and publish. It’ll hopefully motivate me to do more of these things too.

Second, I’m officially closing down It’s been fun, we had our good times like that trip thru the Belgium countryside looking for Trappists monks, but it’s come to an end. I know, I know. Your sad. Fear not though, I’m planning to release theagileengineer’s Greatest Hits. This is the collection of classic posts and articles that Google tells me you love best. This is for all my real fans out there, thank you for the ride!

Third, in addition to my steady gig at Dominion Digital where I lead the Innovative Products solution, I’ve become an analyst with the Virtualization Practice writing on the topic of Agile Development in the Cloud. This means I’ll be writing news and analysis of the methods and tools at the intersection of agile development and cloud computing. This site will provide an overview of my articles and whitepapers on this topic and any related posts.

Fourth, and finally, my goal with this site is to better reflect the multi-dimentional person that I am with a variety of interests, not just ‘agile’ and ‘engineering’. For me right now it’s not so much about writing under the persona of someone else as it is writing about my human experience. If done well this site should provide a window into my world, much like the goals for the first home page I built back in college in 1994.

Sometimes events are the catalyst for pushing you back to where you started and a feeling that things come full circle. Now feels like one of those times.


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